Herbal Apothecary Hair Growth Spray 60ml.

250.00 EGP

Nourishes hair roots , Anti-hair loss, a unique blend of  herbal extracts , oils and caffeine for healthy hair growth and hair loss preventation ,

* Nettle rich  in iron and vitamins  A,C,and K plus Potassium and magnesium . It is often used in natural hair products and helps stimulate hair growth

* Essential Oils – Essential oils of Clary Sage , Rosemary are grrat for hair and scalp health, and also  rich in Biotin that stimulates keratin production in hair .

this hair growth spray fit all kinds of hair suitable for all types of hair .



Hair Growth spray: Our Aqueous hair spray suitable for Dry & Oily Hair enriched with various herbal extracts that strengthen hair and stimulate its growth and also making it easy to comb after shower,main ingredients Caffeine, Calendula Extract, Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto, Thyme Extract, Rosemary Extract, Nettle extract & Sage Extract. بخاخ مائي للشعر مناسب للشعر الجاف والدهني غني بالمستخلصات العشبية المختلفة التي تقوي الشعر وتحفز نموه وتجعل من السهل تمشيطه بعد الاستحمام ، المكونات الرئيسية الكافيين ، مستخلص الآذريون ، مستخلص الجينسنغ ، المنشار بالميتو ، مستخلص الزعتر ، مستخلص إكليل الجبل وخلاصة نبات القراص وخلاصة المريمية.


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